Our top model is the Orient XT, an overwhelming large spa.
4m05 long and 2m69 wide, that is over 13 feet long and almost 9 feet wide !
Made out of the finest acrylic, this will be the pearl of your accommodation.

Up to 12 people at once can enjoy this luxury. You'll find the proof in the
download section !! This is one of the largest spa's in it's category.
Where others promise 10 people, we guarantee you 12 people.
Together with it's options you can call it an unique piece of craftsmanship.

For the yachting industry we have :
- special (Lloyds) drains
- electric heater boxes up to 72 kW

We also have :
- Stainless steel (316L) multi color LED underwater lights
- WIFI / IPhone / Android controlled color lights
- WIFI / IPhone / Android controlled control panels
- Touchscreens, stainless steel pool edge controls
- Cartridge filter boxes up to 12.000 liter filter capacity per hour

Other models we can offer you :

A 3m60 version of the Orient XT - the Teamspa*
A 2m50 and a 3m00 round spa
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